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About Us

Good Day everyone. Welcome to Cebu City the Queen City of the South, thank you for choosing Cebu City.

We are happy that Cebu City is part of your travel itinerary. Whether you are here for holiday or for business we simply welcome you and hope you will have the best of experience throughout your stay here.

Ten years ago I started travelling as backpacker in my own country Philippines and also to other Asian country after that like Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Brunei. My travelling companion now is Marnie my wife, we got married 4 years ago. We live together in Australia in the State of Tasmania for 3 years and now were back in the Philippines to look after Cebu Guesthouse located at Fuente Osmena Circle Cebu City.

To add services to our guesthouse business and for the convenience of our guests and other travelers we offer an easy and convenient means of transport for you to roam around Cebu city and other near provinces with our new and well maintained motorbikes and scooters.

We are the first Guesthouse established in Cebu City back in 2008, and our guests travelers loved and enjoyed there stay while they are here in Cebu City.

We also owned and run the Nipa Huts Village located in Loboc Bohol, it is especially located in an eco friendly environment with lots of tress along the Loboc river. If chocolate Hills and seeing the Tarsier is part of your must see in the Philippines, Nipa Huts Village is strategically located in these very close area. We have 7 small cottages good for two and 2 dorm rooms that can accommodate 12 people each. We have 2 cottages good for family with 2 or 3 kids. We also have motorbikes and scooters for rent in the sight. If you need reservations either room or motorbikes you can contact Archie our very dedicated staff over there in this number: 0929 761 2903.

If there is anything that you need or need of help just let us know and we will assist you the best we can. You can contact me personally in my mobile number 0943 274 5483 should you have anything that you urgently need while you are here in Cebu City or anywhere in the Philippines.

Once again thank you very much for choosing Cebu City and for renting our motorbikes and scooters, we hope that you will enjoy the ride.

Drive safe and have fun.

Best regards,
Norbert and Marnie